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Good Life Choices | Andrea Dershin S04-EP15 Good Life Juice

April 22, 2020 Thomas DeSchutter Season 4 Episode 15
The Bloom Living Podcast
Good Life Choices | Andrea Dershin S04-EP15 Good Life Juice
Show Notes

And here's the thing about today's show that I think you're going to appreciate. This is about being a business owner, and what I'm really happy about is that I have managed to find somebody in my local community that runs a business that bootstrapped the business themselves, and is living, what it means to be an entrepreneur and a business owner, and so it doesn't matter where you are in the world. If you're a small to medium sized business owner, and you're an entrepreneur then what we talk about today is relevant to you. That's the cool thing about today's show.

Here's the other cool thing about today's show, and I know, I know I didn't say there was more than one but now I'm saying there is more than one. Here's the other cool thing. I am really crystal clear that running a business and living a life is about love. And today's guest, Andrea Dershin just totally encapsulates love.

Not only for her family, for the people she works with and the people she serves, but as a business owner, it just oozes out in this discussion today. And you know what? I can read her bio, I can give you all of that stuff. There are links (below) you can go check for the Good Life Juice company, you can see their blog and you can get a sense of who she is from there. I really wanted to start off today's show just letting you know what I took away. And what I took away is this. Here is a business owner in my community that has learned a lot of great lessons along the way, is finding a way to get through the current crisis in our world and so much of it is wrapped up in love.

And I think that is a critical piece. So, if you're listening and you're a business owner or you know somebody that's a business owner, this is a great episode for you to tune into or for them to tune into because you're going to hear from somebody who's living it and having to pivot, having to figure out how it's going to work, having to make the tough decisions, and still coming back to a place of grounding, of self, of love, of care, and wanting to serve to their highest good.

LINK - Andrea Dershin Bio

LINK - Good Life Juice

LINK - The Good Club Blog


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