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We Want To Be called Out | Mike Robbins S04-EP17

May 21, 2020 Thomas DeSchutter Season 4 Episode 17
The Bloom Living Podcast
We Want To Be called Out | Mike Robbins S04-EP17
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Mike Robbins - How do we hold people accountable and how do we challenge people? You start first with that psychological safety and that sense of belonging so that people feel that they can really open up. The third pillar is what I call embrace sweaty palm conversations, and this comes from a conversation that I had with a mentor of mine. A number of years ago he said to me, “Mike, you know what stands between you and the kind of relationships you really want to have with people?” I said, what's that? He said, “It's probably a 10 minutes sweaty palm conversation you're too afraid to have.”

Those sweaty palm conversations sometimes look like feedback, sometimes look like talking about a sensitive topic, sometimes look like holding someone accountable, sometimes look like, telling a hard truth that you know the person may not want to hear but it's really necessary. Sometimes, it looks like admitting something or asking for some help. I mean there's a lot of different sweaty palm conversations but if you're going to be really valuable to someone in their life, in terms of giving them advice, in terms of supporting them and in terms of coaching them or counselling them or leading them; there's going to need to be some sweaty palm conversations.

Look, if we're going to create a team where we really can do our best work and we really can be the best we can possibly be, then we’re going to need to challenge each other and we're going to need to respectfully. That's the fourth pillar. To care about and challenge each other.

One of the things about Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is, he is the heart and soul of that team and he gets in everybody's face and yells at them if they're not playing the way that they're supposed to. He doesn't do it from a place of malice, nor does he do it from a place of arrogance or thinking that he is better than you. He does it from a place of caring about you. It is like he is saying, I'm committed to you and to us winning and being the best we can be so if you're falling short of that, I'm going to get right in your face and bark at you right on the court in front of everybody.

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