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Scaling Your Business Up | Tim Begley S04-EP18

May 27, 2020 Thomas DeSchutter Season 4 Episode 18
The Bloom Living Podcast
Scaling Your Business Up | Tim Begley S04-EP18
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Tim Begley is an entrepreneur who has focused on services that support people to improve their health through fitness and nutrition. As a coach, Tim works with people to set a clear path for self-improvement and then stay on track.

11:55 - So Tim, now you're doing things differently and I love what you said that you knew the camera and the microphone were always available to you, even way back when, and the people that you see now that are crushing it with their online programs, they were using those tools that we all had access to. Now, it has become second nature for you to be doing videos and using those same tools. So, let's talk about your journey of breaking down those barriers for yourself.

12:56 - "Yeah, I'd love to and, I hope that it's relatable for everyone. When you start doing something new, like making videos, you challenge yourself and when you look back after three months, six months a year, you're embarrassed. In fact, you’re almost physically ill watching those first videos, watching the first stuff you ever put together and that's commendable.

You know, I really would encourage anyone who's listening to this, who's thinking about being online more, or thinking about a new business to just get into it and just get going. You know my background is in fitness and you know it instills a real growth mindset, right. I mean, I think health and fitness are the ultimate in terms of a growth mindset. Most people feel that if you work at something you will improve and it's just so tangible when it comes to fitness. Other things like business or like being in front of a camera aren't so tangible and so people fall into that trap of, I'm just not good at that.

 So, I had this vision of where I wanted to go, and I knew it was really about getting started and doing it and doing all the reps. We actually have a group program with other Kinesiologists and trainers, and we have a hashtag, it’s #videoreps and it's really just about doing the repetition. Most people think of reps like at the gym, you know you're doing push-ups for example or, or chin-ups and you get better by doing reps. So, we call them video reps and it's just about making videos, and it's amazing to see."

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